Kayak Wild Launches!

Kayak Wild launches today after two and half years of internet domain latency, coincident with the YouTube release of the self support documentary, Wild River. Kayak Wild is on river, having left behind the relative safety of the eddy, original aspiration and expectation, and is now being taken downstream by the inexorable currents of time to adventures yet unknown. Please participate in comment, discussion, or by contributing content.

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  1. What a great site! Four years (well, nearly) since my first Middle Fork trip, what a great video fix to remind me of what’s still probably the best thing I’ve ever done outdoors.

    It was the same trip that really turned me on to kayaking. I had the good fortune to do about 50 miles out of 100 in an IK, and it definitely left a mark. It also coincides with my growing interest in wanting to do this kind of trip, whether back in Idaho, in the desert southwest, or closer to home.

    Would love to learn more about what you needed in the way of gear, prep and (above all) skills you needed to make this trip work.

    Thanks for the video,which I caught on YouTube. Only made it as far as Loon Creek, and have to sleep sometime. Back tomorrow PM.



    • Thanks for the support. The video clips making up Wild River, being my first arguably ignorant use of the GoPro POV platform, is intended more as inspiration than instruction, working in concert with the short gear specific articles on this site. The raw video clips languished for over 2 years because I recognized my deficiencies in capturing all that I could, either representational or explicit. In the end, I felt it wiser to make a video first and foremost for me given the material recorded than to sit on it any longer, and let this site’s content do the heavy of lifting of any specific gear and technique.

      • I hear you! Still waiting to put together my basket of clip succotash into something approaching a comprehensible short format . . .. this new computer will likely help!

        Still, great organization and information, and it was the idea of working up to multi-day self-support trips that I just ordered my first two IKs, a tandem and a single. I’ll definitely be stopping back by for ideas as the first shakedown trips approach.

        See you on the river!

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